September 18, 2012

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

Title: Evil Genius
Author: Catherine Jinks
Ships launched: 714
Pages: 552
Publisher: Harcourt books
Year published: 2005
Genre: YA fiction, adventure, mystery
Synopsis: Cadel Piggott has a genius IQ and a fascination with systems of all kinds. At seven, he was illegally hacking into computers. Now he’s fourteen and studying for his World Domination degree, taking classes like embezzlement, misinformation, forgery, and infiltration at the institute founded by criminal mastermind Dr. Phineas Darkkon. Although Cadel may be advanced beyond his years, at heart he’s a lonely kid. When he falls for the mysterious and brilliant Kay-Lee, he begins to question the moral implications of his studies for the first time. But is it too late to stop Dr. Darkkon from carrying out his evil plot?
  Cadel is in training to be an evil mastermind. He enjoys wrecking havoc on people by using his extraordinary genius type skills and has no heart. All begins to change however, when he starts to develop feelings...for a girl! As Cadel struggles to find his true self, he undergoes a wild adventure that makes him question everything he knows.
   The book described things with amazing detail. Places like the Axis Institute were unique and quite comical. Cadel is an odd lonely boy that readers will root for (even when he is being "evil"). Though the story has a serious undertone, the variety of characters create a humorous effect.

 "Bad guys" like Dr. Drakkon and Thaddeus Roth are funny and likeable.The plot also shocked me with it's surprising turn.  Sometimes the book dragged along but the story was worth the time.

+10- Funny characters.
-3- dragged on sometimes.
+7-Surprising end in plot.



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