Review Scale

 Our rating scale is based on the famed expression "the face that launched a thousand ships", which was used to describe Helen of Troy's beauty. 
The books we review are each given a value between 1 and 1000 (what we think the number of ships they would launch is).

Steps to rate a book:
1.      Use a 1 – 10 rating scale. Select the number you think suits the book.
2.      Change the number to hundreds. (EX: If you chose 7, it becomes 700.)
3.      Deduct 100. (EX: The 700 would become 600)
4.      Add/subtract categorical points.
5.      Add/subtract bonus/opinion points.

Categorical Points:
(worth up to 25 points for each category, negative or positive)
·         Writing style
o   Slow/medium/fast paced?
o   Interesting/boring?
o   Hard to understand?
·         Plot
o   Interesting/boring?
o   Meaningful/shallow?
o   Intelligent/stupid?
o   Is it cliché?
o   Is it predictable/surprising?
·         Characters
o   Well developed?
o   Are they superficial?
o   Layered? Do they have depth?
o   Stereotyped?

Bonus Points:
(Can be added/subtracted for anything the reviewer likes/dislikes. Point values are not specified but must be reasonable. No book can surpass 1000 ships.)

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